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Learn Something Dumby!

Posted: January 5, 2016 in Education
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You should always be learning.  Try and learn at least one new thing everyday.  It is very easy to get into a routine and become complacent.  Below are just a few free resources to stimulate your brain and expand your mind.  There is a lot of knowledge out there in the world that is free for the taking.  Take advantage of this glorious information age!

Khan Academy – started by Sal Khan as a series of instructional youtube videos that he created to tutor some of his family members.  Now a huge free collection of courses on anything from art history to multivariable calculus to computer programming.  All free and very user friendly.  Get badges for completing courses and tasks.  I took a class on Intro to Art History and I am currently taking a course on Macroeconomics.

edX – Collaboration of Harvard and MIT to “increase access to high-quality education for everyone, everywhere”.  These are actual Harvard/MIT courses by actual professors.  Most classes are free.  You can pay a small fee and get an official certificate of completion.

Duolingo – great little website and app for learning languages- completely free.  Spanish, German, French, Italian and many more.  I am currently at Spanish level 4 which apparently equates to 8% fluency.  You can test out of portions of languages that you already know and jump to a higher difficulty.  Also great for brushing off the rust of a language you already know.


  • Documentaries
    • Lots of great stuff that changes from time to time.  Find something interesting to you.  Then watch something that doesn’t sound very interesting to you.  Better yet let your spouse pick – guaranteed to sound awful at first but may surprise you!

TV Shows – Avoid the TV in general but if you must sit in front of it you might as well at least try to learn something.

  • Survivorman – probably the most legit of the survivor shows.  Les is a genuine survivalist.  He does his own filming and has no support.  This adds to the authenticity but makes the cinematography a bit rougher.
  • Fat Guys in the Woods – Creek Stewart is well known in the survival world.  He makes a good host for a show that drags overweight guys into the woods to survive for a week.  Entertaining and educational.
  • Man vs Wild – Bear Grylls is probably the most dynamic survivalist in front of a camera.  He has received a lot of flak for the authenticity of the show, but I enjoy it.
  • Doomsday Preppers – people like to make fun of this show and it isn’t seriously received among most preppers.  I have to admit that I have learned some pretty cool stuff on this show.  I am not ashamed to say that it does have some value.

YouTube – really the options are just endless.  Here are a few proven winners to get you started.

What are your favorites?  I am always looking for great resources, please share!