I am a surgeon by profession but enjoy a variety of hobbies including: flyfishing, backpacking, golf, scuba diving, traveling, chess, reading, motorcycling, fitness, firearms, and many, many more.  My wife would say I have too many hobbies… she’s right (she is always right BTW, I NEVER said otherwise).  I am an Eagle Scout and that is likely where this all started.  I enjoy learning and acquiring new skills.  I am always striving to be more prepared for anything and everything.  I believe knowledge is power and we should acquire as much as we can.

Be prepared!

Always keep learning!



  1. Cynthia Savoldi says:

    Hello! I am a friend of Merri Ellen Turner and she said to send you my questions. I hope that is okay! I have been reading about long term storage of anti-biotics and everywhere keeps talking about how you can buy fish antibiotics easily and how they are the same as Amoxicillan and Zythromiacin. First, is this true that they are the same? Second, do you think this is valid information? If not, any tips on long term storage of pill form anitbiotics? Sometimes doctors prescribe some in case they need it (over a weekend while waiting for a strep culture, etc) and we don’t use it. I always save it. Any ideas on this would be great! Thanks!


    • Preppermann says:

      Ah, yes the fish antibiotics! This is a great question. They are very popular in the prepper community. I have them myself. They are reportedly the exact same drugs made by the same companies. I have not independently tested them but it does make sense. I think they are a great resource for preppers. I actually have a blog post that talks a bit about this. Prepper Antibiotics

      In terms of storage. They should last for a very long time if stored in a cool, dry environment. Possibly decades. The expiration dates you find on drugs (and just about everything for that matter) are completely made up numbers that having nothing to do with… well anything. The government requires there to be an expiration date. That’s it, so companies print expiration dates. Again based off nothing; just because the government says they need to. The military did a study on long term storage of drugs and found that almost all drugs maintained their potency for decades with no real degradation. They also don’t transform into dangerous things like lots of people think. At worst they might be a little weaker over time but not much. The only exception they found was tetracycline type drugs, so maybe avoid these.

      So, in short… fish antibiotics are a viable alternative. I have them and store them. And don’t worry about expiration dates.


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