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Gear Review: 5.11 Stryke Pants

Posted: May 12, 2015 in Gear
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74369_092_01As you know from previous posts I am a huge fan of the 5.11 TacLite Pro Pant.  If I am not at work I am wearing them.  I have about a half a dozen pairs of them.  They are great overall pants and I have been wearing them for years.  Recently 5.11 introduced a new variant called the 5.11 Stryke Pants.  I have been wearing these for a few months and have completely fallen in love with them.  I wanted to introduce them to you guys as a slightly better (hard for me to even say because I love the Taclite Pros so much) pair of pants for most uses.  I don’t have the long term experience with them yet that I have with the Taclite Pros, but I am assuming they will hold up well.

There are a few, rather subtle, changes that really make these pants shine.  The first is that the pants have a slightly softer feel (hand if it was a suit).  They are a little bit stretchy.  This combination makes them extremely comfortable to wear.  Like gloriously comfortable!  That little bit of stretch makes a world of difference.  The Taclite Pros were comfortable, these are like wearing soft little fluffy cloud pants.

One other change they’ve made that I really like is the side cargo pockets.  They have raised them up a little bit compared to the Taclite Pros.  The cargo pocket now rests higher on the thigh and less on the knee.  They are easier to get into (less reach) and a more natural placement.  This also makes any gear carried in them easier to deal with (higher and tighter).  The pockers also have a bit of a slant to them that aids access.

One change I am undecided on is the left front mag pocket that used to be on the Taclite Pros.  They have replaced this with the same knife pocket that is found on the right.  I kind of liked the mag pocket but overall this is a wash to me.

One change that I don’t like is that they removed the small brass D-ring on the right front belt loop.  I used to clip my keys with a carabiner to this.  I occasionally go groping for this and it isn’t there on the Stryker pants.  Not a deal breaker and most people won’t miss it at all.

As usual for 5.11 they are soil, stain, and fade resistant.  They come out of the wash in perfect shape and are ready to wear with no fuss or ironing (I refuse to iron my tactical pants!).

My totally unfounded guess is that the fabric would be slightly less durable on the Stryke pant compared to the Taclite pro but I have nothing to back this up.  Only time will tell.  I have been wearing them constantly for months with no signs of wear at all.

These are great pants!  They are running somewhere around $50-60 at this time.  Lately, I have been getting my Taclite Pros for about $45.  For the last several months I reach for these pants every time I can.  If they are dirty and I “have” to wear my Taclite Pros I have a brief moment of dissappointment.  The Stryke pants are just so darn comfortable!  Do yourself a favor and get a pair!  5.11 continues to set the standard for tactical/all-purpose pants.

Don’t forget a good belt to pair with them.  5.11 TDU Belt is a great option.  I have the both the 1.5 inch and 1.75 inch and prefer the fatter one.  I also have a TRU-Spec Belt that I really like.  They are both nice for airport security as you don’t need to take them off.