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Posted: January 10, 2015 in Books
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Having a prepper library with all kinds of reference material is a great idea.  As always, learn as much as you can because it weighs nothing and is always with you.  BUT, you can’t know everything.  We also forget things over time.  Check out the books page for some ideas.

Below are some great reference books for starting your prepper library:

The Encyclopedia of Country Living – Chalk full of goodness that your grandparents or great-grandparents probably knew.  How to churn butter, make soap, pluck a chicken, etc…

Dr Prepper’s Making the Best of Basics – Great book with more of a preparedness slant.  Great book for before and after a disaster.

Where There is No Doctor – You definetely need a medical reference book.  This one is nice because it assumes you don’t have all the “normal” medical resources and supplies available.

SAS Survival Handbook – Covers how to make shelter, fire, traps/snares and much more.

I think all of the above are worth having in a hard copy in your home.  There are many more worth you consideration.  The above make a great start.

The Digital Prepper Library Project:kb-slate-04-lg._V324779290_

I recently started a new project for my library.  I purchased a cheap Kindle during the holidays ($59 at the time).  It is one of the old black and white ink type e-readers.  I have had multiple tablets (Ipad type) that I use for everything else.  I bought this to be a dedicated prepper digital library.  It weights 6.7 ounces (very light).  You can read it outside in sunlight.  It will hold thousands of books (again for under 7 ounces!).  Lastly, it is very energy efficient.  It will last for weeks on a charge.  Power may be difficult to come by in a disaster so this beats the pants off of a larger color tablet that might last a day on a charge.  Once it displays a page it doesn’t actually use power anymore until you have it do something else.  Really, the Wi-fi is what drains the battery.  Turn on the airplane mode to cut the wifi off and save the battery.  It is almost as if these were made for preppers!  I am sure you could find an older model used for very little money.

The next thing I did was start loading all of my books onto it.  It uses wi-fi and can pull down any kindle (amazon) books you already have.  Obviously we want anything that we can use as reference material in a disaster or emergency.  It will also read PDF files and this really opens up its possibilities.  The FM 21-76 Army Survival Manual, Marine Winter Survival, Marine Summer Survival are all available on PDF.  The army alone has dozens of these types of books that you can get in PDF.  You can also make your own PDF files.  Important contacts, documents, etc can all be saved in PDF form and loaded onto the Kindle.

The next thing I did was load dozens and dozens of free classical books like The Count of Monte Cristo, Swiss Family Robinson, A Tale of Two Cities, Les Miserables, etc.  There are hundreds of them for free.  Having something to read is a great cure for boredom.  You may want them to read to your family or children.  This particular Kindle is not backlit so you would need light at night to read it (just like a normal book).  You can get versions that are backlit, but they cost more and will drain the battery faster.

This project is fairly cheap and very versatile.  You can end up with thousands of books all on a device that weighs under 7 ounces and is about the size of a paperback.  Throw this in the car or your bugout back and your library is now mobile.  An ounce of preparation is worth a pound of cure.  In this case 7 ounces of preparation is worth an entire digital prepper library!

  1. Tom says:

    Is there a good website besides Amazon to find books or pdf versions of books?


  2. Preppermann says:

    I just googled them. Like “army survival manual pdf” and found lots of websites that had many such books. I don’t have a specific one that I use.


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