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Posted: December 2, 2014 in Communication
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I have talked a lot about how useful cell phones are for emergencies.  Smartphones offer even more utility via apps.  There are a lot of great apps out there for preppers and survivalists.  I would like to highlight a few.  I have an android so I don’t know much about the offerings for Iphones.  The principle remains the same though. You may be able to find similar apps that do the same things.

Flashlight – This is the first thing I would get for my phone.  Now your phone doubles as a light.  I still think a dedicated flashlight is better but this is a great back up.

There are some others that let you adjust color which can be useful.  I really just want a simple light.

Maps –

  • Mapdroyd – This allows you to have maps with no internet (Google Maps requires a data connection).  If data is down or you are out in the middle of nowhere Google Maps is worthless (this happened to me two days ago, it sucks!)  You can get maps for anywhere in the world (handy for international travel).  Make sure to download them ahead of time!  I got my state and the surrounding states for starters.

Scanner –

  • Scanner Radio – This nifty little app lets you use your phone as a police scanner.  You can select your local PD or FD and listen to what is going on.  Someone has to upload this for your area (I live in a rural area and had lots of options people had uploaded) so there is a chance there won’t be anything for you locally.  You can also listen to other cities all over the country which could be useful in a large scale disaster.

News Aggregator

  • Proclivus – This app is amazing.  It pulls in all kinds of preparedness related articles and posts.  You can sort by catergories as well.  This is great for getting exposed to new ideas and resources.

Survival – 

  • Survival Guide – This is a copy of the Army Survival Manual in app form.  Very useful resource to have around.  It is full of great information.  You can find the Army Survival Manual FM 21-76 in pdf and load it onto any phone or tablet.

Knots – 

  • Knots Guide – this little app can be very handy.  Having some familiarity with knots is very useful.  This will help you remember or learn how to tie them.

First Aid –

  • First Aid – Red Cross – This is is great in an emergency as well as teaching you first aid.  It has step by step instructions, pictures, and videos.  You can learn about how to treat different things and take quizzes.

Compass – 

  • Compass 360 Pro – This has come in handy many times.  I have used it to help with garden planning and for navigation when backpacking.  A “real” compass is still a must but this is very handy and a great back up compass.  This also helps for those times you don’t quite trust what your compass is telling you – you can compare it to this for reassurance.


  • Kindle – An app like this can turn your phone into a massive survival library.  Check out the books page for some great ideas to start your collection.

What have I missed or overlooked?  Feel free to suggest your favorites in the comments.

Shout out to my Apple people.  If I get a chance I will use my wife’s Ipad and see if I can find some suitable offerings for you.  In the meantime feel free to let me know what you like.  It’ll help me make an Apple specific post.  Thanks!


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