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Posted: November 30, 2014 in Gear
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What are the only 3 things a U.S. Marine needs to fight?  Beans, bullets and bandages.  I covered the “beans” part yesterday.  I’ll cover the bandages part in the near future.  Today I want to talk about the bullets part.  Guns are an essential part of any preparedness plan.  As I discussed in the post “The Sheepdog Concept” there are some really bad people out there that have no reservations about hurting, robbing, raping and killing.  Gun ownership is a basic part of being an American citizen.  Our forefathers thought it so important that they made it the 2nd ammendment.  I would like to offer a few suggestions about a few types of guns that are useful for home defense and preppers.

Remington tactical 12 gauge

Remington tactical 12 gauge

Shotgun – a 12 gauge shotgun is a very versatile weapon.  It makes a great defensive weapon.  It is also a very versatile hunting weapon.  It can shoot bird shot, buck shot and slugs.  You can take fowl and deer with ease.  Contrary to popular belief you do actually have to aim them.  They don’t just fill the room with lead.  True, they do spread a bit, but not near the degree most people think.  For defense I would carry 00 buck shot.  00 buck usually has about eight 30 caliber pellets (steel balls) that travel at 1300+ FPS (feet per second).  For purely home defense you may be better off with regular bird shot.  It is still lethal but won’t over penetrate as easily.  (Over-penetration is when bullets pass through the walls of your house with the chance of hurting someone on the other side.)  There may be no more versatile prepper weapon than a shotgun.  These are also fairly inexpensive compared to other guns.  I like the Remington 870 and Mossberg 500.  You can get them for $300-400 dollars.

22 Long Rifle – Often underrated and overlooked… the venerable 22 long rifle.  Look no further than the Ruger 10/22.  There are bazillions of these out there in the world for a reason.  They are super reliable, fun to shoot, accurate and very versatile.  They have almost no recoil and are great weapons to learn to shoot with.  They are rumored to have taken more deer than any other weapon.  Not a great weapon for larger game, but the point is that it can be done.  They are great for small game like rabbits, squirrels, raccoons, etc.  If you are in a survival situation you don’t need a deer everytime you need to eat.  Small game are probably more important.  These are also very reasonably priced.  The above Ruger 10/22 can easily be obtained for under $300.  This wouldn’t be my first choice for a defensive weapon, but it could work in a pinch.

Glock 17

Handgun – Handguns are well suited to carry on your person.  They are ideal for concealed carry.  Throw one in a bug out bag or car.  They are easy to transport.  They can be found in a variety of calibers.  Opinions are endless about which caliber is best.  I like 9mm for all around use.  It has decent balistics and stopping power.  The recoil is fairly mild.  9mm is a very common caliber and should be fairly plentiful.  It also tends to be cheaper which is good for training.  I am a huge Glock guy.  My first handgun was a Glock 19.  They are as reliable as the day is long.  I would bet my life on my Glock.  Truth be told there are a lot of great handgun manufacturers.  Ruger, Smith and Wesson, Sig Sauer, Colt, Springfield, etc.  One thing to note about handguns is they have relatively limited “stopping power” compared to a rifle or shotgun.  Most self defense people consider a handgun a “get to my rifle (or shotgun) weapon”.  They are great back-up weapons.

Large Caliber Rifle – Rifles are iconic weapons.  If you lived in the old west you almost always had one on you.  Soldiers carry rifles into war.  There are hundreds and hundreds of types of rifles out there.  They are long range weapons with devastating power.  You can take down any game with the right rifle. Need to protect a perimeter?  This is your weapon.  Rifles can reach out to 700-800 yards easily.  Assuming you have the skill to make the shot.  For a good all-purpose caliber I like .308 Win.  The bullets are very common and easy to find, partially because militaries use them.  Again this is good from a cost standpoint as well.  30-06 would be a close second in my opinion.  These two rounds are right in the middle of power, ballistics, and recoil.  There are many other great calibers out there.  There are many great rifle makers out there.  Browning, Remington, Marlin, and Ruger are just a few I have owned.  Getting a good scope really makes these bad boys shine.  You can easily spend as much or more on the scope than the rifle.

Colt AR-15

Colt AR-15

Tactical Rifles – These tend to be shorter rifles with high capacity magazines.  The two most iconic are the AR-15 (M16) and AK-47.  Common magazines hold 20-30 bullets.  You can easily carry multiple extra magazines adding up to a lot of fire power.  They tend to have less recoil than the above rifles and are easier to manage.  I will probably write another post about the AR-15 vs AK-47 debate.  In short, I tend to like the AR-15 platform better because it fits me better.  There are a lot of good AR manufacturers out there.  Rock River, Colt, S&W, Daniel Defense, etc.  These weapons are great at short range and long range.  An AR-15 is generally accurate out to 600-700 yards.  You can get an AR-15 for about $700 but realistically they will set you back about a grand.

So the ultimate question arises.  What should I buy first?  Well that is a complicated answer.  If you have no gun experience then just start with the 22 long rifle.  Get a Ruger 10/22 and start shooting.  This will ease you into shooting.  If I could only have one weapon (oh the horror!) I would probably get a 12 gauge shotgun, but that really hurts me to even think about having only one gun.  If I had to pick two I would get a rifle or shotgun and a handgun.  If I have to patrol my neighborhood for looters, maruaders or zombie mobs I would grab my AR-15 and Glock 17 (full-size 9mm).  Each of the above guns fits a defined roll in my system.  It would be best to have them all.  If I had to acquire them in order I would get 1. shotgun 2. handgun 3. 22 long rifle 4. Large caliber rifle 5. AR-15.  This considers versatility and cost heavily.

Guns are a pretty solid investment.  They hold their value very well.  If things every get bad they will be worth their weight in gold.  Having a couple extra on hand is never a bad idea.  Remember, two is one, and one is none.  Things break, get stolen, or get lost.  Have a backup.  You may also need to arm a friend or family member who isn’t as prepared as you are.

Lastly, a word on safety.  Lock up your guns and keep them away from your children.  Teach your children about guns, this will keep them the safest.  Be smart and safe when using guns.  Guns aren’t dangerous, people are dangerous.

  1. goldenbear77 says:

    Excellent Post! Thanks for helping pick out my new shot gun! I’m excited to to take it out and start getting familiar with it!


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