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Example of my EDC gear from earlier this week. S&W .38 Special Streamlight Protac Tactical Flashlight 2AA Spyderco Delica Swiss Army Cadet

EDC – Every Day Carry

I would like to introduce the concept of EDC or every day carry.  I would also like to list a few things that you should consider for your EDC.  What is EDC?  These are things that are so important that you should have them physically on your person at all times.  Having these few things with you at all times makes you better prepared and able to adapt to any situation.  I think there are a few basic things that everyone should have.  Once you have the basics you can adjust what you carry to fit your specific needs.  EDC is a microcosm of prepping.

1.  Cell phone – these guys are so powerful knowadays that there really isn’t anything more important to have on you.  Make sure it is charged and ready for action.  Make sure you are familiar with how it works.  Do you have the apps that you need?  Make sure to have important numbers programmed in.  The biggest thing here is make sure that it is charged and that you haven’t drained the battery playing games or trolling Facebook.  A dead phone is  a paper weight.  Having a means to charge it is another great addition.  In an emergency voice calls may not work.  Texting uses much less bandwidth and is more likely to get through.

2. Knife – I have said this before but everyone, yes everyone should carry a knife.  The uses are endless.  Get a small one if you aren’t sure about this one.  The Sog Flash I is a great choice for a small, light weight, first knife.

3. Flashlight – Don’t think this is that important?  Ever groped around in the dark during a power outage?  What happens if you have to evacuate a building through a dark stairwell during an emergency?  Light is essential, you should never be without some means of making light.  Cell phones can work okay for this in a pinch.  I wouldn’t rely on it as my sole source of light.  Plus I want the juice in my cell phone for making phone calls not making light.  Again you can get something very small and compact.  I love this tiny little light – Foursevens Preon.  It is my EDC light most of the time.

4. Concealed carry weapon – this one may be new and “out there” for a lot of you.  I have been carrying concealed for a few years now.  It was very weird for me at first.  Now it is very weird for me not to have a handgun on me.  This goes back to being able to protect yourself and your family.  Hopefully you are never in a situation where you need a gun, but the one time you are you will be glad you have it.  I’ll dedicate an entire post to this at a later date.  Just start thinking about it.  My personal bias at this point is that good responsible people have an obligation to carry.  (Great Nutnfancy video on this topic as well).  It goes back to the sheepdog concept.  There are a lot of other “less-than-lethal” options here if a handgun doesn’t work (local laws, etc).  Pepper spray, taser, baton, etc.

5. Wallet with ID, cash, credit cards.  Make sure you always have cash.  Cash is king in emergencies and during power outages.  I am not a cash guy.  I buy everything with credit cards.  I would recommend having at least enough cash to fill up your car with gas.

6. Keys – A key ring can be good for throwing a small flashlight, knife, or multi-tool on.

7.  Misc – I am a chapstick guy so I always have one on me.  It is also handy to have a couple of band-aids on you.  If you have a medical condition that requires emergency meds you should include these as well.

Your EDC is a great place to start trying to be more prepared in general.  Start with carrying a small knife and flashlight.  You’ll wonder how you ever got along without them.

What do you carry?  What other things do you think are essential?

  1. goldenbear77 says:

    Very informative! Thank you!


  2. Preppermann says:

    Completely agree. I have a leatherman micra on my keychain. I am really digging that Gerber Shard and it is only $7. I may have to try that out. Thanks for the suggestion Ryno!


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