Multi-tool All Stars

Posted: November 21, 2014 in Gear

Thanksgiving is upon on us and you know what that means.  Christmas is just around the corner.  I have had a few people ask me about gear recommendations for that special someone.  I have to say that it warms my heart that you guys are even thinking about “prepper” gear as gifts.  First check out the All Star Knife post I wrote a few days ago for ideas.  Nothing says I love you like a sweet knife.  I wanted to get another quick gear post out there with a few multi-tool recommendations.

There is nothing quite as versatile as a good multi-tool.  Need pliers, screw drivers, scissors or other gadget?  Need to pull out a splinter or bad tooth?  Got a loose screw?(puns, sheesh)  Well look no further than these great muli-tools.

Swiss Army Cadet –  (as usual click on the name in red and it will link you to the product in amazon) This first one is more of a “Swiss Army knife” than a multi tool.  It is the simplest of the lot.  I love this knife.  It has exactly what you need and nothing more.  Knife, file and a couple screw driver blades.  I can’t tell you how many times I have used the screw driver blades to pry on something.  (Please don’t pry with your knives!)  I almost always have this guy on me.  The blade often serves as my back up blade or beater blade when I don’t want to beat up my tactical knife.  It is small, light weight and thin.  I can’t stress enough how important light weight and thin is.  I have really come to appreciate thin over the years and this bad boy is THIN.  Comes in a few different colors as well.


Juice S2

Leatherman Juice S2 – The leatherman Juice is an awesome multi-tool.  It has pliers, drivers, and scissors.  Make sure you get the S2 version, the CS version has a cork screw and mini saw.  Both of which are totally useless in my mind.  The S2 has a great pair of scissors that really make this thing shine.  It has exactly what I want in a good multi-tool and nothing more.  This is also quite a bit smaller than your standard leatherman.  Again saving you on bulk and weight.  This is my go to multi-tool.

Leatherman Micra – if you want something reallly small this can go on your key ring.  It packs quite a bit in such a little frame.  The best feature is a great pair of scissors.  Am I the only one that ALWAYS needs scissors?  You may sense a bit of bias in my selections because I have found that scissors get the bulk of the work.

Leatherman Wave – This is the full-sized (and full-priced) grand daddy of the group.  It is large and in charge, but again no more than it needs to be.  Awesome multi-tool.  Tough as nails.  Large knife and pliers.  It has a real phillips head screw driver.  The scissors are okay, but at least present (more than I can say for a lot of multi-tools).  Get this if you have to have the biggest and baddest.  It comes with a sheath so you can show of your pride and joy on your belt.  You won’t look like a tool or anything! (man, the puns, I am killing it!)

I have had a lot of other brands of multi-tools.  Swiss Army, Gerber, Sog, and Buck off the top of my head.  Most of them are decent but leatherman seems to knock it out of the park over and over again.  The above 4 options are what I find to be the best of the best.  I couldn’t imagine going without any of them.  If I had to start with one of them I would get the Juice S2 but the Cadet would be very close behind.

As always add your suggestions in the comments.


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