All-Star Knives

Posted: November 18, 2014 in Gear

The majority of topic requests I get are regarding two things; knives and guns.  So here it is!

There are few things as useful as a good knife.  My personal bias is that you should always have a knife on your person at all times.  They are very difficult if not impossible to improvise when you need one.  A good knife will save your bacon and even slice your bacon when needed.

They come in two basic varieties.  Fixed blade and folding.  Folding blades tend to be more convenient as they are smaller (when folded up).  Fixed blades tend to be sturdier.  If you intend to do heavier work like chopping, prying, stabbing, then a fixed blade may be better.  In general a folding blade is a good place to start.

Like everything in this world you get what you pay for.  Many things make a knife “better” or cost more.  There are different types of blade steel.  Better steels tend to cost more.  I may write a later post getting more into the technical details of knives and steel.

As an intro I wanted to suggest a few different knives at different price points.  There are many, many great knife companies.  Just to name a few: Spyderco, CRKT, Sog, Kershaw, Benchmade, Cold Steel, KA-BAR, and on and on.  Below are some specific examples.  They tend to get more expensive as you go down.  These are all All-Star knives in my opinion.  You can’t go wrong with any of them.  The red links below will take you to amazon for an example of the knife and the current price.

Morakniv – these knives have long been a prepper and survivalist staple.  They are cheap, rugged and an all around GREAT VALUE.  I own 3 or 4 of these.  Great for a bug-out-bag (BOB), car, backpacking, camping etc.  Break it, lose it, loan it out to a friend.  No worries if you lose it.  Made of high carbon steel which is great for field sharpening (holds a great sharp edge).  High carbon steel will rust more easily so wipe it off, clean it and keep a light oil on it.  Or let it rust and buy another!


for a couple bucks more you can get a heavy duty version that I like a bit better.

Morakniv HD

CRKT Drifter – $20 of awesome value.  This is a great, cheap knife.  I use this knife all the time.  It is my beater knife.  If I break it or lose it I won’t cry too much because it is only 20 bucks.  Great starter knife if price is an issue.

CRKT Drifter

Sog Flash 1 – this knife is tiny.  Great knife if size and weight are an issue.  It is assisted opening so it open up lightening fast with a small flick.  Sog does a great job with their pocket clips.  It allows the knife to sit very deep in your pocket (this is good).  I wouldn’t want this to be my primary knife (it’s small) but I often carry it is my secondary knife.  (Yes I often carry two knives!).  A note on legality… assisted opening knives are legal at the federal level but can be restricted at the state level (these are not automatic knives or switchblades) so make sure you know for your locality.  This climbs you into the $30 range.

Sog Flash 1

Sog Flash 2 – this is the big brother to the above knife.  I love this knife.  It is a fair bit bigger.  It is also an assisted opening knife.  Great overall knife with good utility.  The blade profile is full flat grind (FFG) which is great for all around use.  $40 range.

Sog Flash 2

Sog Seal Pup – this is a great all around fixed blade survival type knife.  Decent steel, nice handle, good sheath, full tang (the metal runs as one complete piece from the blade through the handle = sturdier).  All for about $40, great value.

Sog Seal Pup

Spyderco Delica – Oh how I love this knife!  This is probably my all around favorite knife.  It has great form, fit, and function.  It has nicer VG10 steel.  The clip is moveable to any position.  It is light weight.  Still an excellent value at just under $60.  This is my go to EDC (every day carry) knife.

Spyderco Delica FFG

That wraps up this intro post on a few All-Star knives that I particularly like.  They all have slightly different functions and niches.  One knife doesn’t do it all.  So you should buy more than one!  More to come!

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