Posted: November 18, 2014 in Uncategorized

Well this is the Genesis of my blog.  I have had multiple people request that I put down some of my thoughts and ideas about all things preparedness.  I started typing out word docs and emails with notes, tips, and gear recommendations.  I figured I might was well store this all in a central location for anybody interested.

The central theme of the blog will be around emergency preparedness or being a “prepper.”  I believe in the Boy Scout Motto which is “Be prepared!”.  There is no better time than now to get our homes and lives in order.  Bob Dylan’s words have never been more appropriate, “The times they are a-Changin.”

Whether you are preparing for a disaster, economic collapse, zombie apocalypse, or second coming there is a lot of information out there.  I won’t pretend that most of this is new or original in any way.  Most, if not all of my information comes from people much smarter than me.  I have spent a lot of time reading, watching videos and trying different things.  A lot of what I will share is simply things that I found useful.  I will often try and distill it down to the essentials.  I will usually supply a link to the original source and I would encourage you to investigate further.

Lastly, feel free to add your own insight and experience.  This is a community endeavor.




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